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We are a community church based in Sampaloc, Manila who exists to win souls, make disciples and reach out to our extended communities through God’s Word for God’s glory.

There’s no greater love than this!
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Sunday Services: 8:00AM | 10:00AM | 1:00PM | 3:00PM (Youth Worship)

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We come in all sizes and ages, from all walks of life! There’s always someone you could relate to in SBCC. Join us and experience a family reunion every week.

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We study the Word, serve the Lord, and journey through life together.

From the Blog

Updates, devotionals and stories of faith from our leaders and members.

Do you believe that God is always doing something new in your life? He moves to transform us day by day to become the person He wants us to become. In Him, there is newness everyday. Do not hold back on the changes, for it opens the door to your transformation....

What is the difference between broken-heartedness and brokenness? In our daily state of weakness, it is important to know that we have a Comforter to run to in our times of brokenness....

The prodigal son did not expect the reaction of his father as he received him wholeheartedly with forgiveness, love, and extravagance. Despite the mistakes of the son for being prodigal, the father did not have second thoughts in being prodigal for his son's return. ...

David's life is in chaos. His sins ruined his relationship with God and his sacrifices to Him. This Psalm reveals David's folly and restoration. It is a Psalm that shows us that God can change the heart....

David wrote this Psalm in a time of danger—evil men were against him, enemies surround him and forsaken by his family. He can only cry out in prayer to the Source of his strength and confidence: The Lord! His light and His salvation....

Our Daily Bird

Our Daily Bird is a devotional series penned by our very own Pastor Dave Trinidad. His passion for bird photography makes him all the more appreciate the intricate beauty of God’s creation, which is the inspiration behind Our Daily Bird.