About SBCC


We are a community of people from different walks of life—young and old, students and professionals, singles and married couples, children and parents, brothers and sisters—brought together by our love for God, His Word, and His people. We are diverse in culture and personality but united in love and faith.


We started our journey in 1974 when Pastor Bob Sanchez and Pastor Abe Navarrete started a Bible fellowship among students around Lerma in Sampaloc, Manila. The Life Center (TLC) was housed in a humble building where students came to take a break from academic life and learn about God. TLC became the hub of student volunteers that later turned into a small church.

In 1977, we registered the name Sampaloc Bible Church (SBC) and joined the Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP). Sunday services and The Life City were continuously utilized to promote the mission and vision of Sampaloc Bible Church. Holistic programs and ministries that are centered on the Gospel and social development sprouted one by one.

We became partners with Compassion Philippines and supported their Child Sponsorship Program in 1984, a family-helping initiative that started as a feeding program, which sponsored 25 children initially. The program aims to rescue, nurture and discipline school-aged children and address their physical, spiritual, and socio-emotional needs. A year later, Sampaloc Bible Church entered into Street Children Ministry with the help of Christian Growth Ministry (CGM), a non-government organization that introduced the Drop-In Program, which later became known as Shelter Kids Program. It is devoted to helping street children; giving them food to eat, a place to stay, clothes to wear, and a family to call.

The community grew and new ministries were developed such as a dormitory, canteen, a mini-grocery, livelihood projects, Sunday ministries, and discipleship programs among others. We also have church-planting endeavors in other parts of the country.


Things took a gradual turn starting 2001. We were beginning to outgrow our space and the Lord has led us to move into a bigger location. In 2007, SBC changed its name to Sampaloc Bible Christian Community and in 2008 was finally able to transfer to our Lacson home. Under the new leadership of Pastor Dave Trinidad, SBCC soared in multitudes.

The Lord has since blessed us with opportunities to serve Him through the lives of families and professionals who have a contagious love for God. We reach out first within our Sampaloc community and then to our respective spheres of influence.

Today, we have various programs that still cater to students, professionals, businessmen, and families. We continue our student center (now called The Life City Campus) and establish Life Groups among different sectors represented in our community. We also engage in programs which are supported organizations that exalt Jesus and declare His Lordship in all of life. And we know that these things will work together for the praise of God and His unwavering love, grace, and provision.

Our Mission

To win souls, make disciples, and transform our extended communities through God’s Word for God’s glory. As a church, our mission is to share the gospel, discipler believers in Christ, and equip leaders to teach God’s Word and to be effective witnesses wherever they are.



Wise use of God’s resources.

We believe that God owns the earth and everything in it. We are faithful in our giving of our lives and our material possessions. We are committed to make use of His resources in the most cost-effective way in building His Kingdom. We value human resources and excellent use of spiritual gifts. We will be faithful stewards of the ministry center, the equipment and other resources He has entrusted to us in full accountability.


Faithfulness in teaching and living God’s Word.

We want to see Jesus Christ exalted through biblical preaching that declares his Lordship over all of life. We acknowledge our own need to grow in godliness, so we are committed to learning regularly from the Word of God individually and as a community. We will apply what God is teaching us into practical daily living and active concern for the society and the world in which he has placed us, becoming ‘doers of the Word ‘ and not listeners only. We are also committed to providing biblical teaching for the children and young people of the church family.

C-ommitment to the Great Commission

Evangelism and Discipleship at the heart of our existence.

We believe that God is glorified when the gospel is faithfully communicated, and that it is through the gospel that God’s Spirit awakens faith. We believe that Gospel proclamation involves not only words but also works of mercy. We are equipped and active in sharing the gospel with our friends and neighbors in a holistic way. We pray that more people from SBCC will take the gospel to the marginalized, the depressed and the neglected communities nationwide.

C-ommunity Life

Building lives and transforming communities

We believe that relationship with God brings about new family relationships between Christian believers. In a world of broken relationships and fractured communities, we desire to demonstrate the truth of the gospel by our love and care for one another. The moving student population and the geographical distance between member families provide us with a challenge, but we seek, by God’s grace, to become a loving community where both long-term members and those who are passing through our sphere of ministry for a shorter time are encouraged and strengthened as Christians. We want each member of the body, of whatever age or life-situation, to be valued and enable them to use the gifts that God has given them to build up the body of Christ.

Pastor Dave

Rev. David Trinidad

Our Senior Pastor

Pastor Dave joined Sampaloc Bible Church to handle the worship committee and preaching assignments. He was ordained Reverend in 2000 and is the Senior Pastor of SBCC from 2007 up to present. He graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1986. He earned his Master of Divinity in 1992 at Asian Theological Seminary. During his college days he spent a lot of time in The Life Center in SBC Lerma to play table tennis. He enjoys birding and writing devotionals.

Our Pastoral Team


Rev. Larry Macabante

Evangelism & Discipleship

Pastor Larry pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Major in Bible and Theology from FEBIAS College of Bible in 1998. Pastor Larry has been with SBCC since 2010 and is involved in several ministries including preaching, community-based projects, counselling and curriculum development. He is the SBCC Associate Pastor for Evangelism and Discipleship. Together with his wife, Pastora Chel, they minister to one of SBCC’s Daughter Churches, Grace City Church in Mandaluyong.


Rev. Anacleto Carag

Associate Pastor

Pastor Lito is the President of FEBIAS College of Bible.  He earned his Bachelor of Theology in FEBIAS, Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Religion, Major in Biblical Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary in California, Doctor of Philosophy in De La Salle University, and Doctor of Ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary.  In the 90s, he started with SBC’s youth center and outreach projects.  Pastor Lito is an excellent exegete and he takes up preaching assignments in SBCC and other churches.


Rev. Erickson Velardo

Associate Pastor

Pastor Erickson took BS Medical Technology degree from Saint Louis University in Baguio. He later took MA in Business Administration in Biblical Management and Christian Stewardship from Asian Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Organizational Development from Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute. He joined SBCC as a member in 2009 and is now one of the church’s preachers and project consultants.

Pastor Pio

Rev. Serapio Edillo

Community Ministry

In 1982, Pastor Pio was searching for a good local church and found SBC through his wife Luz, who was his former dorm mate. He was blessed to be mentored by the late Pastor Bob Sanchez, and had served as supporting Pastor since 2006 for review schools ministry, local outreaches, community visitation, and necrological services. He earned his Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry from FEBIAS College of Bible in 2011. He is currently the Associate Pastor for Community Ministry.

Pastor Nathan

Pastor Nathan Edillo


Pastor Nathaniel started as a quiet and shy Sunday Schooler.  Growing up with SBCC as his second home, he earned his Bachelor of Theology in 2012 and is currently taking Master of Arts in Theology Major in Christian Ministries at FEBIAS College of Bible.  Pastor Nats is the SBCC Youth Pastor, one of the coordinators of TLCC (The Life City Campus), and head of Life Xtreme or LX, the regular youth service of SBCC.


Pastor Clero Matocinos

Worship and Prayer

Originally from Bicol, Pastor Clero, while on vacation in Manila, was invited by relatives to attend SBC in Lerma. Since then, he devoted himself in the Praise and Worship Ministry. He earned a Bachelor in Science in Computer Engineering from STI Legazpi. Later, he pursued a Master of Arts in Theology at FEBIAS College of Bible in 2013. He is currently the Pastor for Worship and Intercession of SBCC. Together with his wife they minister to one of SBCC’s daughter church in Marikina.


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