But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the LORD gave you: to love the LORD your God, to walk in obedience to Him, to keep His commands, to hold fast to Him and to serve him with all your heart and soul.” ~Joshua 22:5

Worship & Prayer Ministry

Our worship services, prayer meetings and gatherings are not possible without the volunteerism and service of our worship team. These men and women work both in the frontlines and behind the scenes to make sure our services and gatherings run smoothly and excellently.

Praise & Worship

Our praise and worship team is blessed to have musically-blessed people who lead our congregation in worshipping God through songs of praise. From the worship leaders to the backup vocalists to the instrumentalists, the team desires to become true worshippers, drawing people to God through excellent and Spirit-filled music.

Worship Ministry

Ushering Ministry

The ushers and marshalls are the first ones to greet members and guests as soon as they step onto the pavement of our parking space. Several teams are assigned across our 4 services every Sunday. These servant leaders welcome new comers, usher people to their seats, collect tithes and offerings, even park cars sometimes—anything to make it an excellent worship experience for everyone.

Prayer Com

Prayer Committee

Prayer Comm is the team in charge of prayer meetings, fasting and prayer chain schedules, weekly prayer points, including our Midweek Prayer Services. These Spirit-filled and faithful prayer warriors soak themselves in God’s Word and cover our leaders, members, life groups, and ministries in prayer.

Tech and Creative Ministry

The tech and creative teams are the talented and skillful men and women who work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide technical support, as well as create material for purpose of documentation and information dissemination. These are the people responsible for the audio visual presentations you see in our worship services, as well as the printed and multimedia materials you see both online and offline.

Tech Team

The Technical Team are the techies who man the lights, sound systems, audio-visual presentations, during our Sunday Worship Services and Midweek Prayer Meetings. Most of them are also part of the documentation team, serving the Lord through their photography and videography skills. They are the people behind the scenes ensure that every worship experience is like ‘heaven on earth.’


The multimedia or the Promotion & Communications team (ProCom) are the creative geeks that work tirelessly to produce materials that are used to promote events and disiminate information across the board. This includes print materials, posters, tarpaulins, brochures and newsletters seen around the church grounds, as well as multimedia and digital assets that are posted on social media and in this website.


The Documentation Team is made of photographers, videographers and content writers who capture and document our story and our milestones as a church family. Together with the ProCom and Tech teams, the Documentation team is in charge of capturing and gathering audio and visual materials for promotion and presentation, as well as preserving these keepsakes to pass on for generations to come.

Youth Ministry

We are passionate about the youth of today, believing that they are our future leaders, pastors, and ministers. Our youth ministry is active not just on Sundays but all through out the week as we minister to the high school and college students in neighboring schools and universities.

The Life City Campus

SBCC’s history is rich with student life and activity and the TLCC ensures its continuity by welcoming students from all levels to study and play in this sanctuary. Here, students can have their own space for individual or group study and recreation. Not only do they have a tambayan here in SBCC, students are also exposed to the work and Word of the Lord.

Campus Ministry

We minister to neighboring campuses such as Ramon Magsaysay High School, University of Sto. Tomas, Amang Eulogio Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, as well as other schools in the University Belt. We’re always on the look out for people who have the passion to reach out and connect with these young people.

Connect Ministry

A venue for all reviewees who are preparing for their board exams or future employment to experience God’s grace and find a sanctuary among their peers going through the same experience. True to its name, this ministry connects people to God, to each other, and to a place of career fulfilment.

Get Involved!

Be part of God’s work and see the mighty things He can do through you.